Verf en spuitbussen

Verf en spuitbussen
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Antifouling <<Velox plus>>


Antifouling specific for submersed metalparts, as shafts, propellers and stern-drives.It’s not degradated by galvanic currents.Uses thinner Nº4. Bestelnummer: Hoeveelheid: Kleur: SED4612903..

Antifouling Volvo groen


Hard matrix antifouling suitable porsurfaces that have been primed beforehand, tin free, contains biocidesextremely efficient in all types of water.SOR310090 Volvo groen hoeveelheid 250 cc..

Metal primer <<Marlin>>


Metal primer with excellent adhesion on all metals, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, etc. To be used before Velox. Uses thinner Nº4. Bestelnummer: Hoeveelheid: Kleur: SED4610100 250 cc. Gro..

Thinner for Velox antifoulings.


Thinner for Velox antifoulings.  SED4617101      Nº 2 500 cc.SED4617201      Nº 4 500 cc...

Verf kit Volvo & Mercruiser


Paint kit of two components polyurethane paint.Easy application by brush orair pistol. Its nature polyurethane and acrylic permits apply without primerexcept on porous surfaces.  Bestelnummer: ..

Verf voor rubberboten


PVC inflatables paint in spray. Satin-finish, forrenovation of PVC.Bottle: 400 ml Bestelnummer: Kleur: SOR74356 Zwart SOR74357 Rood SOR74358 Grijs  ..

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